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Why Microjustice services in Rwanda?


Within East-Africa, Rwanda is developing rapidly and is at the front of the regional integration process. Where the middle-class and prosperous businesses are able to enjoy the fruits of this growth, the smaller-scale, uneducated business (wo)men and traders (especially women) still remain excluded. Although the legal infrastructure in Rwanda is largely in place, a large segment of the population can still not access legal documents. A lack of awareness, complex procedures and excessive bureaucracy continue to present obstacles to accessing justice.


Microjustice Rwanda steps in to tackle these obstacles to access to justice through awareness-raising, providing consults about legal requirements and procedures for cross-border trade and other legal needs (land registration, transfer of title deeds and registration of cooperatives) and through direct intervention and problem-solving that enable the freedom of movement of people and goods as well as basic legal empowerment.



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