Microjustice Rwanda corporate statement

Microjustice Rwanda Vision


A world in which all people, no matter their financial or social background can freely exercise their rights



Microjustice Rwanda Mission Statement:


To extend equal access to legal services to all people in Rwanda, especially low income earners



Microjustice Rwanda Objectives:


The overall objective for Microjustice Rwanda is:


“To facilitate access to and raise awareness about basic legal rights for vulnerable people and the emerging middle-class through the provision of Microjustice legal services and an awareness-raising campaign.”


To achieve this overall objective, Microjustice Rwanda has set the following goals:


  • To offer legal documentation services to the people in need;
  • To make legal services accessible, affordable and reliable for everyone;
  • To provide expert lobby and advocacy on a wide range of legal issues, with a focus on non-tariff barriers to trade;
  • To provide legal education and advice to the people in need;



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Microjustice Rwanda
Head Office:
Kigali-Gasabo District-Gisozi sector-Gakinjiro-COPCOM House-Room  nu 145
Telephone: + 250 789675200 
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