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In order to increase efficiency and avoid duplication of efforts, Microjustice Rwanda partners with various civil society organizations and associations amongst which EACSOF,  Trade Association and Cooperatives (GWCBTA),


TransporterAssociation (ACPLRWA), and EASSI





A partnership between Microjustice4All, Microjustice Rwanda and a Microjustice team in Uganda initiated the formation of coalitions for the removal of Non-Tariff Barriers (NTBs) in Rwanda (October 2013) and Uganda (January 2014).


The coalitions are formed to provide support to the respective National Monitoring Committees in order to remove NTBs along the Rwandan/Ugandan borders. Based on best practices and guided by the Rwandan and Ugandan coalitions, other national NTB Elimination Coalitions can be formed in the other EAC Partner States to support regional efforts to remove NTBs along the main trade corridors.


The NTB Elimination Coalition in Rwanda will conduct investigation field visits to independently verify the complaints brought to Microjustice Rwanda by the traders, write position papers, engage key (government) stakeholders and engage in evidence-based advocacy for the removal of priority NTBs.


The coalition is open to organizations that have an inherent interest in the removal of NTBs. Currently, the Coalition consists of:


  1. Microjustice (MJ Rwanda and MJ4All)
  2. East African Civil Society Forum (EACSOF Rwanda)
  3. Legal Aid Forum
  4. CSDI
  5. Transparency International Rwanda
  6. Profemme Twesehamwe
  8. Kigali Bar Association (KBA)
  9. Private Sector Federation (PSF)
  10. Hope Magazine
  11. The New Times
  12. Gatuna Women Traders Association
  13. Truckers/Transporters Association (ACPLRWA)
  14. 3 Stones Consultants Ltd.
  15. Community Business Joint (CBJ)



Microjustice Rwanda works closely with ministries and government institutions such as MINEAC, MINICOM (National Monitoring Committee), Immigration, Customs, the Rwandan National Police, the Rwanda Revenue Agency, Rwanda Cooperative Agency, and the  border management  as well as local authorities such Districts, Sectors and Cells.



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