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You can participate and contribute to our objectives in many ways.


Microjustice Rwanda is always looking for (business) partners, who, among others, can support the organization to advocate and implement its mission, lawyers, who provide pro bono legal services, as well as volunteers, who could contribute to the day-to-day functioning of the organization.


Since Microjustice Rwanda is aiming to become self-sustainable in order to provide its services in the long term, it is grateful for any donations that help us do our work and realize our vision of a society where everyone lives in dignity, enjoys basic rights and is protected by a social system of justice.



What can you do?



Make a donation

Support Microjustice Rwanda with your donation and contibute to a society in which all are protected and enjoy opportunities. Donating can be done in many ways.

Ways to donate


Become volunteer

Volunteers are of great value for us and we are always looking for good people who want to support us by sharing their knowledge. Interested?

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Become a partner

Know more about how Microjustice Rwanda can support you in the realisation of a positive social impact and how your (legal) know-how can contribute? Seize the opportunity and become a partner.

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Work with Microjustice Rwanda

Are you interests in working with Microjustice Rwanda or become member of Microjustice Rwanda’s pro bono lawyers’ network?

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Microjustice Rwanda
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Telephone: + 250 789675200 
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